Energetic Stars

Energetic StarsThe body provides itself with mini information networks that function as sub-systems of the more complex Big Body Field and act as metabolic pathways that govern energy usage. These subsystems are known as Energetic Stars. These are arranged in a sequence according to physical survial; Star 1 is the most important for survival, followed by Star 2 etc. The Energetic Stars Infoceuticals are to clear blockages in the healing effects of NES protocols, or cases where energy is needed to re-establish processes from the ground up.
Some of the Stars are classed as ‘feel good\’ i.e. they have a general uplifting effect: ES 3, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. However, all the stars are beneficial one both physical and psychological levels.

Using ES Infoceuticals

The full use of ES Infoceuticals including dosages and protocols is covered in the NES practitioner training program. ES Infoceuticals should not be used until adequate training in their used has been given. There are precautions and considerations to take into account.
These Stars can be used in conjunction with other Infoceuticals but should be taken separately at another time of day. They should be given in sequence corresponding to their numbers.

Energetic Star 1


This star is first in the series indicating the bodies priority task in maintaining an immune system. Bio-physics research indicates that there are many energetic components to the correct function of the immune system and this star incorporates most of these.

  • ES 1 Infoceutical has been designed to be useful in cases where the immune function needs to be re-established such as with immune system collapse. It creates the energy and catalytic properties to kick start the immune system into action.
  • This star has connections to the nervous system and viruses or viral particles that can invade it and inhibit its functions.
  • The field generated by this star appears to link with manic depression, hypersensitivity to light and sound, and also migraines.
  • ES 1 has been designed to complement Energetic Terrain treatments. It appears to be associated with viral fragments that may get into tissues and cause chronic slow moving diseases.
  • This is a powerful Infoceutical and should be used with care. It may bring on strong reactions. Use minimal dosages.

Energetic Star 2

Memory Imprinter

In biochemical terms memory is not well understood but biophysics research indicates that memory is formed from stored magnetic messages imprinted onto the fats of the brain and also all over the body. These messages or ‘memories\’ contain fundamental basic information on our identity, who we are, what we are doing here and also homeostatic operating instructions for metabolic processes, heart rate, hormonal levels etc.

  • Memory is an aspect of learning, and how well information is recalled is a sign of health. Learning processes rely on the heart\’s ability to imprint information into fats.
  • The ES2 Infoceutical is designed to energise and re-establish the process of energetic recording of data for later recall by the body.
  • This may aid with learning skills, mental lethargy, mathematical skills, memory generally and confidence to be who you are.

Energetic Star 3

Nerve Function

The nervous system forms a fundamental part of both the real and energetic body. Nerve damage through trauma and toxins, especially heavy metals, is detrimental to both systems. It is one of the most important energetic functions of the body after gaining memory and the healing of nerves is given very high priority by the body.

  • The ES 3 Infoceutical is designed to re-energise the nervous system and aid the re-establishment of CNS function and benefit the axon, neuron, dendrites and neurotransmitters.
  • It may help with neural cell regeneration and the excretion of toxins particularly heavy metals that may be affecting the nervous system.  Heavy metals in the head greatly increase the negative effects from electro magnetic fields.
  • ES 3 has also been designed to correct Triglyceride (nerve fats) issues including their detoxification and aiding their metabolism.
  • ES 3 has also been designed to correct distortions in the nerve field caused by moulds, fungi, protozoa and yeast. This may relate to motor and sensory neurons and be associated with neuron pain.
  • An initial period of detoxification with ES 3 has been noted in trials by NES. There may be discharges in to the back of the nose and mouth during the night. Extra water intake is recommended.
  • Because the nerve endings assist in the production of hormones and enzymes all over the body, ES 3 can be beneficial in hormonal regulation. It may be beneficial at the time of menopause.

Energetic Star 4

Triple Cavity

According to biophysics the body is powered and energised biochemically by sugars and by ‘Source\’ energy. Source energy is accumulated and stored in the body cavities particularly the primary cavities of the cranium, chest and abdomen. When these cavities are under-functioning and not communicating, energy depletion may be experienced.

  • The ES 4 Infoceutical has been designed to re-establish the primary cavities\’ integrity and their Source energy accumulation and storage functions. This may aid chronic tiredness and energy depletion.
    The ES 4 Infoceutical is designed to have a detoxification affect on the primary cavities.
  • The cranial cavity houses the pituitary and thalamus glands.
    The thoracic cavity houses the thymus and heart.
    The abdominal cavity houses the suprarenal glands, digestive glands and gonads.
  • The correct function of the endocrine glands, according to biophysics, is dependant on the associated cavity storing and accumulating source energy.
  • The thyroid and parathyroid exist between the cranium and thoracic cavity. When these cavities function correctly these glands are likely to benefit.
  • Re-establishing Source energy integrity can have pronounced benefits to mental function with the potential for quicker thought processes, better sleep and lifting of depression (depression can be viewed as stuck energy requiring source energy to get it moving).
  • It is very common to have severe deficiency of source energy in cavities due to air conditioning in rooms, failure to breathe correctly, or failure to have regular gentle exercise.
  • Generally ES 4 is a very well tolerated preparation however there may be an initial detoxification reaction.

Energetic Star 5


The immune system forms a major defence system of the body and is basically a cell destroying mechanism and as such must be able to identify good cells from bad. If this process goes wrong through incorrect production of antibodies then auto-immune diseases and allergic reactions result.

  • The ES 5 Infoceutical has been designed to unblock the considerable energetic disturbance incorrect auto immune functions generate.
    Response to this preparation needs to be closely monitored. If there are strong reactions then stop until symptoms subside.
    Taking ES 5 at the time of an allergic reaction may help subside the symptoms. Thymus Driver may all help with long-term allergic issues.
    ES 5 may be of benefit for childhood development disorders caused by inflammatory responses in the brain resulting from virus infection or live inoculations.

Energetic Star 6

Circulation Lipids

A number of arteries in the body can build up deposits or otherwise start narrowing and restricting blood flow. This Star communicates with particular arteries where narrowing due to fat accumulation, or stenosis due to calcium deposition, is a potential problem.

  • The ES6 Infoceutical has been designed to energize specific parts of the circulatory system with the aim of maintaining required blood flow.
  • This Star energetically links with ligamentous tissues, tendinous tissues, and cartilaginous tissues all over the body, thus may aid conditions involving these tissues including inflammations.
  • Because of the nature of arterial stenosis, plaque and fat deposition in the arteries, and generally slow recovery of ligaments and tendons, ES 6 may be required for several months.
  • There may be detox reactions as the body rids itself from the by-products of the disease process.

Energetic Star 7

Muscle Enzyme

The muscle system represents the largest group of tissues in the body (about half the body weight), and when there are metabolic errors in the muscles huge amounts of toxins are generated. There are also strong links between muscles and basic enzyme functions. Even slight detox reactions in the muscle can result in headaches, and general body aches in people of all ages.

  • The ES 7 Infoceutical has been designed to energise the striated muscles (skeletal muscles) and muscle fascia, clearing blockages in their metabolism and excretion processes.
  • This Star also communicates with energetic catalysts (communication aids) that malfunction in rapid ageing diseases, these being; GABA, Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Melatonin. In these conditions ES 7 may be of help.
  • ES7 may aid in general muscular tissue repair.
  • This Star may require extended attention for chronic conditions and if so the dosage should be adjusted for long-term use.
  • Strong detox reactions have been noted in the first few days of use, so drink plenty of water at first. Detox reactions may take place in the head as well as the muscles.

Energetic Star 8


Emotions form an information network within the body system and strong emotions that continually ‘replay\’ themselves (emotional tape loops) may become imprinted into the body structure. These imprinted emotions are draining on the body and may play a significant part in many serious diseases and also sleep loss. The emotional part of the brain works quite slowly, and must be given frequent time out to simply process and reposition data into an organised field.

  • The ES 8 Infoceutical is designed to have a mental calming effect by assisting the cerebral cortex to process backlogs of emotional and sensory data due to overload and emotional tape loops.
  • The ES 8 Infoceutical has been found to be helpful where a person’s abilities have become compromised due to constant stress.
  • This Star has proved particularly useful for emotional survival and communicates with the desirable mental qualities: Inner peace, happiness, openness, problem solving ability, relaxation after over work and emotional stress due to substance abuse.
  • Taken at night, it may be useful for insomnia caused by too many thoughts.
    For highly charged emotional states, higher doses may be necessary.
    A side effect of ES 8 may be that ideas and problems come to the surface as the client starts to solve problems of an emotional nature.
    Because this is not a sedative ES 8 can be taken at any time of the day to achieve a measure of relaxation.

Energetic Star 9

Shock – Audio processing

This star is associated with two principal issues: traumatic shock and blocks in the hearing process resulting in slow childhood development. Traumatic shock is serious as it can cause temporary collapse of the body field’s information structure. If traumatic shock is deeply imprinted in the body cells it can significantly affect personal abilities. The first manifestation of shock is the severing of the link between hearing and speech – people who are shocked are speechless.

  • The ES 9 Infoceutical has been designed to restore integrity to the body’s information structure by unblocking significant traumatic memories.
  • Correction of imprinted shock is a high priority for the body.
  • Shocks of many types are able to communicate with this Star: birth trauma, electrical, emotional, financial, insulin, chemical, sexual, toxic and surgical trauma.The following brain areas are in communication with this Star:
  • o  Temporal lobe – hearing interpretation centre
    o Broca’s speech centre language comprehension, self expression difficulties.
    o Gyrus uncinatus sensory, olfactory, and recognition of familiar objects.
    o Corpus callosum- left/right integration of hemispheres
    ES 9 has been designed to improve auditory perception and interpretation and may help people with learning difficulties due to auditory issues.
    One of the features of shock is that it goes with the interruption of the low frequency sound waves of the brain.  Exposure to chaotic sound can cause shock on its own.
  • This Star goes well with sound therapy for a variety of mental troubles.

Energetic Star 10

Stress – Video processing

This star is associated with two principle issues: stress and interpretation of visual patterns. If you cannot see things well enough your survival is under threat. Stress and inability to see things are related according to biophysics and connect with functional failure of the visual cortex and thalamus. Stress is also defined as the failure of the body to create a coherent Big Body Wave.

  • The ES 10 Infoceutical has been designed to unblock energy fields compromised by stress and visual issues.
  • ES 10 may be useful for stress caused by exposure to some appalling sight, with strong emotional connotations. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may come under this category.
  • ES 10 has been designed to improve visual perception and may help with those with learning difficulty who need to process visual information quicker.
  • The following parts of the brain communicate with this Star: Optic cortex, optic thalamus, motor neurons (but not motor cortex) and optic interpretation centre of cortex.

Energetic Star 11

Male Energy

Male social abilities, attractiveness, sexual performance and charisma are enhanced by an unhindered endocrine function. Source energy is vital for correct endocrine function and male performance.

  • The ES 11 Infoceutical is designed to work by correcting the blood supply to various endocrine centers in the body, and also promoting detoxification of endocrine tissues and thus promote male charisma.
  • ES 11 is designed to correct specific Energetic Integrators to facilitate integration of the hormonal system.
  • This Star is for personal charisma, attractiveness, confidence, will power, social warmth and a general feeling of well-being.
  • Detox of the endocrine glands may occur immediately after taking ES 11, so extra water intake is recommended in the early stages.
  • A feeling of well being has been experienced by some who have taken this preparation.

Energetic Star 12

Female Energy

Female social abilities, attractiveness, sexual performance and charisma are enhanced by an unhindered endocrine function. The hormonal cycle of women is complex and for balanced health the endocrine glands and receptor sites need to work as well as they can.
The ES 12 Infoceutical is designed to work by correcting the blood supply to various endocrine centres in the body, and also promoting detoxification of endocrine tissues and thus promote female charisma.

  • ES 12 is designed to correct specific Energetic Integrators to facilitate integration of the hormonal system.
  • Because of the apparent regulating effect of the Star it may be found useful for menopause regulation, as well as menses regulation.
  • ES 12 may be able to aid the body\’s natural ability to allow other endocrine glands to take over from removed glands.
  • Hormonal integration can aid frigidity, fear of people and lack of confidence and result in more happiness.
  • ES 12 should be used with caution with those already taking synthetic hormones. Start at low dosages and monitor progress. If the body\’s endocrine system starts to normalize naturally then the use of synthetic hormones may need to be reviewed by the clients physician.
  • Detox of the endocrine glands may occur immediately after taking ES 12, so extra water intake is recommended in the early stages.

Energetic Star 13

C-O-H Metabolism

The elements of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen (C, O & H) are found in many molecules of the body. They form a fundamental part of the body\’s biochemical energy production mechanisms being present in sugars, carbohydrates and fats. The COH star is concerned with metabolism and production of energy generally and is associated with Krebs Cycle (citric acid cycle) which appears to go wrong in a remarkable number of different diseases.

  • The ES 13 Infoceutical is designed to correct the metabolism of C,O and H and production of biochemical energy.
  • ES 13 is designed to help remove excess toxins within cells resulting from incorrect cellular metabolism. This will aid correct cellular respiration.
  • ES 13 is linked to blood sugar regulation and thus linked to the pancreas.
  • ES 13 is linked to lactic acid production in muscles.
  • ES 13 is linked to calcium metabolism, and this star may register where calcium stones may be being produced in organs.
  • ES 13 may produce a detox reaction in those whose metabolism is incorrect. Extra fluids are always needed with this Star.
  • The toxicity caused by inhaling hydrocarbons (combustion fumes) may be corrected by this Star, this includes tobacco smoke.
  • Biophysics looks on Arthritis as the inability to digest carbohydrates and lack of energy in the joints.  ES 13 is designed to aid the energising of joints, this may result in joint aches for a few days.

There may be a strong detox reaction when taking this Star, and this means extra fluids will be necessary for at least a week. There may be associated earache and sore eyes, during the detox phase, which may last three days.  Joints may also be affected, particularly ones that have been damaged by injury. Aching all over the body may be experienced.
The body dislikes rapid changes in blood sugar level so dosages must always be conservative.  6 drops once a day is the initial dose, and one which can be maintained.  If blood sugar levels are variable then this must be monitored professionally. If blood sugar levels are stable and there is no disease of the Liver or Pancreas, then higher doses may be applicable. In NES protocols a weak organ is never stimulated directly. An organ is weak energetically if it is diseased.

Energetic Star 14

Cell Metabolism

Cells prefer to operate in a toxin free environment, whilst the environment we live in contains many chemicals that are hostile to cellular activity. If environmental toxins build up in the body they will inhibit the ability of cells to metabolise and function correctly.

  • The ES 14 Infoceutical has been designed to shift blockages caused by excess environmental toxins and assist the survival of cells.
  • ES 14 is designed to aids the detoxification process with a broad range of toxins including azo dyes, benzols, captan, car exhaust fumes, DDT, some fungicides, some pesticides, some dioxins, methyl mercury, methyl tin, nitrites, PCP’s PCB’s, vinyl acetates and chlorides.
  • ES 14 may require long-term use and require copious quantities of water along with anti oxidants, vitamin supplements, organic root vegetables like yams, carrots and beetroot, for maximum effect. Dryness of the mouth at night indicates a need for fluids, and anti oxidants.
  • ES 14 is designed to correct body field errors associated with Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF).
  • Environmental detox can take many months to complete and may prove exhausting for the client, so small amounts of detox often is the best approach.
  • Long term dosage is suggested in environments of big cities or in agricultural districts where pollution is high.
  • High dosages may cause excessive detox reactions.

Energetic Star 15

Heavy Metals Detox

The presence of heavy metals in the body can have a significantly detrimental effect on cellular functions, energetic process and the body field as a whole.

  • The ES 15 Infoceutical has been designed to aid the detoxification of heavy metals, specifically residues of Lead salts, Cadmium salts or Mercury salts which have become incorporated into the circulatory system, body organs and nervous system.
  • Heavy metals take some time to leave the body so use of this star may have to extend over several months.
  • Where there is inflammation of breast, stomach, kidneys, liver or brain tissues due to heavy metals a rapid detox process may be required using high dosages along with complementary heavy metal removal methods.